Best Sportsbook Writing Utensils

Some of you reading these articles have likely noted that I make a big deal out of the writing utensils offered at the various sportsbooks I visit. A long time ago, when the Las Vegas Strip was under major development, an engineer friend of mine liked to visit and rate the new resorts. His primary rating criteria was the opulence of the bathrooms – he liked marble, not tile – No joke!

The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword
– Edward Bulwer-Lytton


We all have our standards. One of mine, which is rarely met, is the relative quality of the writing utensils available in the sportsbook. I loathe pencils – they are messy and remind me of taking standardized tests in school. I use ONLY blue ink pens. And I rarely find sportsbooks that offer writing utensils with Blue Ink. I’m not a maniac, as far as any of you know, but I do have my preferences for specific reasons. I make a lot of notes on the betting sheets. Sure, I come to the sportsbook prepared with my own handicapping sheets, but I tend to bet from the sheets provided by the books.

These sheets have the Rotation Numbers, spreads, moneylines, totals, first half lines and the games that will offer second half lines. These sheets are ALWAYS printed in black and white – black ink on white paper. When making notes on the sheets, BLUE ink is much easier to see and read the notes I have scribbled. Blue Ink does not get lost among all the black ink on the sheet. In fact, one of those pens that have four different kinds of ink would probably be very helpful! Alas, one of those ink colors is always black. Black is beautiful…but not in a sportsbook writing utensil.

Hence, I always bring my own Blue Ink pen – don’t judge me.

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