I don’t care about the situation. I don’t care about the teams playing. I don’t care about the pitchers and I don’t care about what you think. I don’t care what your tout told you – or what your tout sold you. Never ever bet the -1.5 runline on the Home Team. Not even if you can get +300 on the -1.5 runline. Read more

Everyday, until the end of October, Major League Baseball will be in our lives. All major league baseball teams play a 162 game schedule, half of the games at home, half on the road, then the playoffs start. The only break in the season-long grind comes with the All-Star break in July. Otherwise, every team is in action almost every single day. Baseball happens every single day. Read more

Early April is always an interesting time of the year. There is one college hoops game to be played for the national championship. While our direction is focused on Minneapolis for the Texas Tech / Virginia final, there is so much more going on. Read more

So, here we are. Virginia Cavaliers are 1.5-point favorites against the upstart Texas Tech Red Raiders in the Men’s NCAA Basketball Championship game. This tournament has been the most fun and thrilling to watch in recent memory. Prior to the start of this college hoops season, I ran around buying up national championship futures on teams I knew something about and who may have been flying under the radar. That notion Read more

We here at the Educational Sports Betting Network try to get around to cover the Advantage Play scene, when we can. We’ve been busy handicapping and betting the Madness of March, but took a little time this week to squeeze in a road trip to West Wendover, NV. Read more

Writing this on Thursday evening April 4, prior to the Final Four being played Saturday and the National Championship game Monday night, I find myself reflecting on the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament, 2019 version, thus far. The Madness of March is, in my opinion, hyperbole. Read more

I have intended to write this article for a long time. When we do our handicapping, we should always consider the information we know to be important, but ignore the background noise and chatter we hear from all the usual suspects. One of the usual suspects is the local media. Read more

I was reading this recent Deadspin article on the future of Major League Baseball stadiums, and the various attendant hassles involved in attending a baseball game, and it got me to thinking – It sure would be helpful to have a list of MLB stadiums for readers of this site and blog to access easily in the event you want to take in a game, but might not be familiar with the location of the stadium, or how to smooth out the various bumps in the process of renting your seat and getting to your seat. Read more

Every year, millions of college basketball fans and non-fans alike enter the numerous and ubiquitous March Madness bracket contests. And every year the media waits, breathlessly, for a perfect bracket. The odds of a perfect bracket are 1 in 9.2 quintillion. A quintillion is one billion billions. That’s a helluva lot of zeroes, with 9.2 in front of all those zeroes. Read more

Okay folks, bear with me here. I am not trying to start a feud with another sharp handicapper, or anyone for that matter. I am simply telling you to be careful with your hard-earned wagering bankroll. Read more