My apologies. I have had my hands full handicapping and wagering on all the Madness of March. This story is something I intended to flesh out a bit, but had no time until now. David Purdum of ESPN faithfully reported the new and official requirement to submit all daily lineups to the MLB league office before the information is released to the public. Read more

Here’s a story I was initially going to ignore, but it keeps making the rounds and presents itself as an excellent lesson in gambling math. Here are two links to essentially the same story, but being reported as newsworthy from different corners of the online media: Read more

The internet is a wonderful place and a terrible place, all at the same time. We have all this information at our fingertips – all we have to do is search for it – and decide what results are relevant to the answers we seek. Yet, much of what is out there is “sponsored content” that presents a specific point of view – often incorrect – or we find information that is patently false and misleading. Read more

We here at the Educational Sports Betting Network consider it our job to inform people how betting on sports works. There is a lot to know and this is a lot harder than it looks – if you intend to make money at this. Advantage Players always look for value in every wager we make. Sometimes, value can be getting the hook for free or paying less juice on a wager, when line shopping. Or getting free drink tickets.

If you are coming to Las Vegas for March Madness – you gotta know the following: Read more

Many of us were witness to Zion Williamson blowing through his Nike sneaker Wednesday night, about 30 seconds into the Duke / North Carolina rivalry conflagration. Read more

Yeah, I’m Not Buying It

Today, we were greeted with the news that Clayton Kershaw, currently the “Ace” starting pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers, has decided to take some time off from hurling the baseball. Today is the 22nd day of February, 2019. Dodgers pitchers and catchers reported to Spring Training Tuesday, February 12. That was 10 days ago and Kershaw has already blown-up his arm? Read more

Everyone who bets college basketball is intimately familiar with the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament, affectionately known as March Madness. But did you know, in the olden days, the National Invitational Tournament (NIT) was the big deal at the end of the regular season? Yep, it was. We have four strong tournaments coming up, but most people only think about the “Big One.” The NIT is always an excellent tournament for betting value, as are the College Insider Tournament (CIT) and the College Basketball Insider (CBI) Tournament. We’re going to focus on the NIT for the rest of this article… Read more

This came across my computer screen today – the scam that is Buy One Get One Free – you know, BOGO! Here is the article I’m referring to – Most people fall for this kind of thing because they are suckers. They don’t know the true price of an item, but think this deal has just got to be bought, because they’re getting something they think is “free.” I have often said if I put up a sign that says Free Punch In The Mouth I will have a long line of people demanding one! Read more

When I saw Patrick Keane, CEO of the Action Network, on CNBC this morning, I knew something was up. Mr. Keane was announcing a new round of funding for his fledgling yet burgeoning sports information company Action Network. Turns out, Fertitta Capital, among a few others, pumped in $17.5 million dollars and got a seat on the board of directors. As well as other benefits, I’m sure. CNBC commentator Carl Quintanilla even called it a “Brave New World.” Which is synchronistic, as I have been reading Brave New World… Read more

This is EXACTLY why we here at the Educational Sports Betting Network (ESBN) espouse the virtues of fading the public. Below is a Twitter post thrown up by FanDuel concerning last night’s Duke / North Carolina (2/20/19) hoops contest: Read more