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Not to fear sports fans, we have been betting this for real and will offer what we have found to work for us. This is an ever-changing landscape, so an intrepid sports bettor must stay on top of the changes, especially as more and more data rolls into the oddsmaker’s computers, which will be crunched to make more efficient lines. Read more

We spend quite a lot of time here at the Educational Sports Betting Network explaining how things work. You may have heard of the Rollover Bet and if you have, it probably has not been explained very well. I will explain it in the context of a 7-game playoff series and show how it does – and does not – work. Read more

I don’t care about the situation. I don’t care about the teams playing. I don’t care about the pitchers and I don’t care about what you think. I don’t care what your tout told you – or what your tout sold you. Never ever bet the -1.5 runline on the Home Team. Not even if you can get +300 on the -1.5 runline. Read more

We here at the Educational Sports Betting Network try to get around to cover the Advantage Play scene, when we can. We’ve been busy handicapping and betting the Madness of March, but took a little time this week to squeeze in a road trip to West Wendover, NV. Read more

Everyone who bets college basketball is intimately familiar with the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament, affectionately known as March Madness. But did you know, in the olden days, the National Invitational Tournament (NIT) was the big deal at the end of the regular season? Yep, it was. We have four strong tournaments coming up, but most people only think about the “Big One.” The NIT is always an excellent tournament for betting value, as are the College Insider Tournament (CIT) and the College Basketball Insider (CBI) Tournament. We’re going to focus on the NIT for the rest of this article… Read more

The more time you spend around sports, especially when you’re betting on sports, the more you will hear that a team is playing with revenge on its mind. I think it is probably more relevant to college sports than professional sports, but you will hear the term used in both. Yet, revenge is a very real thing and a great betting angle if you can identify it. This past weekend’s college hoops slate offered a couple of excellent examples. But first, let’s go a little farther back in time to see how the revenge was set up. Read more

The National Basketball Association (NBA) teams play an 82-game regular season schedule. All teams, no matter their record, play all 82 games, whether they want to or not. There is no mercy rule. At this point in the regular season schedule, we are about 50 games into it, or about 60% done, depending on how your team is faring. Read more

For those of us who enjoy wagering on college hoops contests, we will soon be entering a very brief period of the season where betting a certain way has been very profitable in the past. But first, a caveat – the oddsmakers know about this system. Read more

One thing we often don’t discuss much in betting is first half lines. In sports denominated by quarters, that is also true. Many sportsbooks will hang lines on the individual quarters, in quarter denominated sports. Likewise, first half and second half lines are often available. Yet, typically, the only thing you ever hear discussed is which team will win and which team will lose and the all-important – who will cover the full game spread? Read more

Our Analysis on Who to Bet On

Alright, once again, the College Football National Championship Game comes down to a contest between #1 Alabama Crimson Tide and #2 Clemson Tigers. This is the third time in the last four years we have been offered this contest. It seems some people are yawning about this matchup, as dissected in this piece Read more