El Cortez Hotel in Las Vegas

The sixth time is the charm, my friends. You faithful readers of this blog will recall the El Cortez has one of the best single deck games in Las Vegas, so long as you are a low-roller. For a refresher, read this initial post about the El Cortez Hotel. You will also recall they are chickenshit and are scared of players who know what they are doing. Read more

I spend a fair amount of time scouting blackjack games. No two games are created equal, you know. Some blackjack is playable, most is utterly unplayable. The 6 to 5 payout on a natural blackjack has nearly destroyed the game. Yet, there are plenty of suckers who play at these tables with this diminished payout. Read more

Well, it happened again over the weekend. For the fifth time, I have been backed-off at a blackjack table. This time at El Cortez Hotel & Casino in downtown Las Vegas, NV. This was where I was backed-off the fourth time too, about four weeks ago. Read more

We have a saying in poker,

“when you look around the table and don’t see the sucker, it’s probably you.”

I excerpted the paragraph below from the Home page of the Global Gaming Expo to be held in fabulous Las Vegas, NV, October 8 thru 11, 2018. This column is NOT a plug for the show. This is exactly how it reads:

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Many people have the impression that casino gamblers are losers, but it is my assertion from years of study and experience that it can be just as easy to win as it is to lose.  Certain casino offerings – as well as certain behaviors exhibited by the player – will absolutely fill the casino coffers and make the casual gambler go broke quickly.  Read more

I recently escorted my lovely daughter to Cape Town, South Africa, to begin her college semester abroad. As an Advantage Player, before leaving the States, I checked around for any potentially profitable advantage I might find doing what I do best. I found a large casino east of downtown, in a town called Goodwood (indeed) without any competing casinos nearby. Read more