You faithful readers will likely notice I disappeared for a little while. Half of that was sulking over my Women’s World Cup Betting and Hedge Strategy, taking the ill-fated South Korea squad. Half has been handicapping the upcoming college football season and Half (shout-out to the late great Yogi Berra!) has been figuring out the best strategies for betting and hedging MLB in-game (or in-play) Live wagers. Read more

All sportsbooks in Nevada use the MLB stats sheet provided by Your sportsbook, no matter where you are in the States, likely provides the same sheet. I’m not plugging Covers, as the site’s real interest is selling picks provided by their never-ending stream of “experts.” If that is what you are looking for, I’m sure you will find something to spend your hard-earned money on at Covers. However, they do provide a service that is useful and is generally beneficial for those of us who do want to do our own work. Read more

Every Damn Day

Many bettors who wager on Major League Baseball games rely on trends. And many of these same bettors solely rely on trends. As we have discussed, handicapping every MLB game, every day, is a Herculean task. Hence, bettors lean on trends. And then they post these trends to social media or discuss them on the myriad podcasts and sports-gambling-related shows on YouTube and, increasingly, the major sports television networks. Read more

Everyday, until the end of October, Major League Baseball will be in our lives. All major league baseball teams play a 162 game schedule, half of the games at home, half on the road, then the playoffs start. The only break in the season-long grind comes with the All-Star break in July. Otherwise, every team is in action almost every single day. Baseball happens every single day. Read more

I was reading this recent Deadspin article on the future of Major League Baseball stadiums, and the various attendant hassles involved in attending a baseball game, and it got me to thinking – It sure would be helpful to have a list of MLB stadiums for readers of this site and blog to access easily in the event you want to take in a game, but might not be familiar with the location of the stadium, or how to smooth out the various bumps in the process of renting your seat and getting to your seat. Read more

My apologies. I have had my hands full handicapping and wagering on all the Madness of March. This story is something I intended to flesh out a bit, but had no time until now. David Purdum of ESPN faithfully reported the new and official requirement to submit all daily lineups to the MLB league office before the information is released to the public. Read more

Yeah, I’m Not Buying It

Today, we were greeted with the news that Clayton Kershaw, currently the “Ace” starting pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers, has decided to take some time off from hurling the baseball. Today is the 22nd day of February, 2019. Dodgers pitchers and catchers reported to Spring Training Tuesday, February 12. That was 10 days ago and Kershaw has already blown-up his arm? Read more

In previous articles, we have warned you about betting parlays. The typical parlay offers the house value of about 30%. However, sometimes we can get exceptional value by using a little thought and the power of compound interest. Well, not really compound interest, but I couldn’t think of a better quote than what Einstein had to say about the Eighth Wonder of the World. Read more

Marketing to the Mrs.

For years, we’ve all been hearing Major League Baseball (MLB) talking about how to increase popularity, ticket-sales and the number of people who can generally stand to watch America’s favorite past-time.  They’ve had talks of shortening the games to attract a younger, more fast-paced audience. They have created gimmicks like bobble-heads, fireworks night and jersey night to entice the kiddos, fair-weather fans and collectors. Yet, there has always been one massive audience that baseball has systematically left out of the its quest to expand viewership: WOMEN. Read more

Last night (8/20/18), we saw limitations in action and got paid plus money to bet on those limitations. The Minnesota Twins started Stephen Gonsalves, who had never thrown a single pitch in The Show. Gonsalves surrendered four runs in just 1 1/3 innings. Considered one of the team’s top prospects, Gonsalves gave up six hits, walked two batters and hit a batter. Read more