Early April is always an interesting time of the year. There is one college hoops game to be played for the national championship. While our direction is focused on Minneapolis for the Texas Tech / Virginia final, there is so much more going on. Read more

So, here we are. Virginia Cavaliers are 1.5-point favorites against the upstart Texas Tech Red Raiders in the Men’s NCAA Basketball Championship game. This tournament has been the most fun and thrilling to watch in recent memory. Prior to the start of this college hoops season, I ran around buying up national championship futures on teams I knew something about and who may have been flying under the radar. That notion Read more

Writing this on Thursday evening April 4, prior to the Final Four being played Saturday and the National Championship game Monday night, I find myself reflecting on the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Tournament, 2019 version, thus far. The Madness of March is, in my opinion, hyperbole. Read more

I have intended to write this article for a long time. When we do our handicapping, we should always consider the information we know to be important, but ignore the background noise and chatter we hear from all the usual suspects. One of the usual suspects is the local media. Read more

Every year, millions of college basketball fans and non-fans alike enter the numerous and ubiquitous March Madness bracket contests. And every year the media waits, breathlessly, for a perfect bracket. The odds of a perfect bracket are 1 in 9.2 quintillion. A quintillion is one billion billions. That’s a helluva lot of zeroes, with 9.2 in front of all those zeroes. Read more

We here at the Educational Sports Betting Network consider it our job to inform people how betting on sports works. There is a lot to know and this is a lot harder than it looks – if you intend to make money at this. Advantage Players always look for value in every wager we make. Sometimes, value can be getting the hook for free or paying less juice on a wager, when line shopping. Or getting free drink tickets.

If you are coming to Las Vegas for March Madness – you gotta know the following: Read more

Many of us were witness to Zion Williamson blowing through his Nike sneaker Wednesday night, about 30 seconds into the Duke / North Carolina rivalry conflagration. Read more

This is EXACTLY why we here at the Educational Sports Betting Network (ESBN) espouse the virtues of fading the public. Below is a Twitter post thrown up by FanDuel concerning last night’s Duke / North Carolina (2/20/19) hoops contest: Read more