College Football Games of the Year 2019

To much fanfare, the Golden Nugget sportsbook in downtown Las Vegas, NV, released their much-anticipated college football Game of the Year Lines. This year, the Nugget released 100 lines, starting with the August 24, 2019 contest between “The U” and Florida, being played in Orlando, and ending with America’s Game, the annual contest between my beloved service academies, Army and Navy, being played December 14 in Philadelphia. Read more

Many people think the new college football season begins with the annual publication and delivery of Phil Steele’s College Football Preview. Among my group of college football fanatics, the Steele Preview is reverently referred to as The Steele Bible. According to the Steele site, publication and shipping are only about a month away as I write this – Christmas in June, my friends! Read more

The Service Academies. The Best and the Brightest. You get 60 minutes of football from each of these teams. One of the absolute highlights of the college football season is the Army-Navy Game! Read more

Football bettors who wager on both college and NFL contests have a huge challenge. On a busy weekend there are more than 50 football games on Saturday and 16 on Sunday. That’s far more contests than even the most advanced sports bettor can properly handicap. Read more

“Everyone has a plan until he gets punched in the mouth”
– Mike Tyson

WHY HAVE A PLAN?… you say

“but BRO… I kick ass the way I do it… I go with my (substantial)  gut and let ‘er rip!”

SIMPLE – you will NOT win money LONG TERM betting this way…
            * a lack of accurate record keeping helps you fool yourself into thinking so

Read more

The Top 3 Essential Strategies

by Spike Thomas

  1. Find a Reason to Bet The Dog

Is every one of my sports wagers on an underdog?  No.  But I am always looking for an advantage play.  How much difference is there really between NFL teams?  How much difference is there really between a middle of the pack Power 5 conference FBS team and to top team in the Mountain West or the MAC? Read more