Early April is always an interesting time of the year. There is one college hoops game to be played for the national championship. While our direction is focused on Minneapolis for the Texas Tech / Virginia final, there is so much more going on. Read more

Okay folks, bear with me here. I am not trying to start a feud with another sharp handicapper, or anyone for that matter. I am simply telling you to be careful with your hard-earned wagering bankroll. Read more

Here’s a story I was initially going to ignore, but it keeps making the rounds and presents itself as an excellent lesson in gambling math. Here are two links to essentially the same story, but being reported as newsworthy from different corners of the online media: Read more

We here at the Educational Sports Betting Network consider it our job to inform people how betting on sports works. There is a lot to know and this is a lot harder than it looks – if you intend to make money at this. Advantage Players always look for value in every wager we make. Sometimes, value can be getting the hook for free or paying less juice on a wager, when line shopping. Or getting free drink tickets.

If you are coming to Las Vegas for March Madness – you gotta know the following: Read more

This came across my computer screen today – the scam that is Buy One Get One Free – you know, BOGO! Here is the article I’m referring to – https://thehustle.co/are-buy-one-get-one-free-deals-worth-it/. Most people fall for this kind of thing because they are suckers. They don’t know the true price of an item, but think this deal has just got to be bought, because they’re getting something they think is “free.” I have often said if I put up a sign that says Free Punch In The Mouth I will have a long line of people demanding one! Read more

When I saw Patrick Keane, CEO of the Action Network, on CNBC this morning, I knew something was up. Mr. Keane was announcing a new round of funding for his fledgling yet burgeoning sports information company Action Network. Turns out, Fertitta Capital, among a few others, pumped in $17.5 million dollars and got a seat on the board of directors. As well as other benefits, I’m sure. CNBC commentator Carl Quintanilla even called it a “Brave New World.” Which is synchronistic, as I have been reading Brave New World… Read more

This is EXACTLY why we here at the Educational Sports Betting Network (ESBN) espouse the virtues of fading the public. Below is a Twitter post thrown up by FanDuel concerning last night’s Duke / North Carolina (2/20/19) hoops contest: Read more

The recent news of Tim Donaghy’s alleged complicity in fixing NBA games he officiated got me thinking I should again mention our mission on this website. The Educational Sports Betting Network isn’t necessarily interested in breaking news to our readers. Rather, we are interested in interpreting the news and offer insight into how the news of the day can be utilized in our handicapping and wagering pursuits – to gain an advantage over the betting lines. Read more

Well, Tim Donaghy is back in the news. First time I ever heard this dude’s name, I was playing in a cash poker game at the venerable Golden Nugget, downtown Las Vegas, NV. It was mid-morning, full table of gamblers and I was just minding my own business, as I usually do. All of a sudden, some guy at the table announces, for all to hear, “Well that’s it! I will never be allowed to come to Vegas again!” Read more

Success in sports betting often comes from unlikely places and even more unlikely events. Perhaps you have discovered an angle that has been working, or a trend that continues to hit. The KenPom Betting System is an excellent example. Something that is getting a lot of talk, right now, is the likelihood of the first period NHL totals going Over. Read more