2019 Womans World Cup Futures

This is something I love to do and do it as often as possible – finding value in betting sport futures. Or, for the uninitiated, I like to bet on the outcome of sporting events or championships that may be weeks or months out. Why do I like to do this? One word…

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With the legalization of sports wagering taking the nation by storm, I’ve been getting more and more emails regarding window etiquette.  It seems as though many of you out there are unsure of what to say and where to go when you walk into the sports book.  Not to worry, I totally understand! Read more

We’ve all got our favorite teams to bet on. Whether it’s your home team, your alma matter or who your parents raised you to root for, bettors tend to have a few go-to teams that they are more knowledgeable about.  We also have favorite teams NOT to bet on.  Mine is the Mets.  And as far as I’m concerned, they owe me money. Read more

Marketing to the Mrs.

For years, we’ve all been hearing Major League Baseball (MLB) talking about how to increase popularity, ticket-sales and the number of people who can generally stand to watch America’s favorite past-time.  They’ve had talks of shortening the games to attract a younger, more fast-paced audience. They have created gimmicks like bobble-heads, fireworks night and jersey night to entice the kiddos, fair-weather fans and collectors. Yet, there has always been one massive audience that baseball has systematically left out of the its quest to expand viewership: WOMEN. Read more

“In the poker game of life, women are the rake.”
– Rounders

This timeless quote from a classic movie can ring true in nearly all walks of life… but what happens when the rake-r becomes the rake-e? Women who handicap sports and participate in Advantage Play often have a different outlook on betting money than men do. Read more

“I’m strong, I’m tough, I still wear my eyeliner.”
Lisa Leslie

Most days at the sportsbook are pretty routine, you get your sheets, update your numbers, say hi to the knuckleheads and make your bets. Today was a little bit different for me and I thought the experience was worthy of sharing with you, as more of a public service announcement about safety, especially if you’re a woman, than commentary about handicapping.

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“Well I guess if a person never quit when the going got tough, they wouldn’t have anything to regret for the rest of their life.”
– Lance Armstrong, Dodgeball

As a female handicapper you will undoubtedly find that life is much different on the other side. I’ve often sat and handicapped this very question. Why is being a female in this industry so much different than being a male? Read more