Duke-UNC Fade the Public

This is EXACTLY why we here at the Educational Sports Betting Network (ESBN) espouse the virtues of fading the public. Below is a Twitter post thrown up by FanDuel concerning last night’s Duke / North Carolina (2/20/19) hoops contest:


This is a poll FanDuel took of its bettors (more likely the action bet in FanDuel sportsbooks in New Jersey) showing the breakdown of where the betting action was on this contest. The poll implies the bets were parlays, but doesn’t say that.

The favorite parlay combination was Duke and the Over

Neither of these individual outcomes happened

The least favorite parlay combination was UNC and the Under

These tickets cashed, but only 12% of all the parlay combinations contained the winner

We can also infer the majority of straight bets on this contest were on Duke minus the points and the Total going Over (165ish) for the full game

Yeah we know what happened to Lord Zion and his blown-out shoe and wish him a speedy recovery. Indeed, the outcome may have been different if #1 played the entire game.

But bad beats happen in sports – all the time! And with this bad beat, only 12% of the bettors got paid!

Fade the Public are words to live by!

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