Las Vegas March Madness PSA

We here at the Educational Sports Betting Network consider it our job to inform people how betting on sports works. There is a lot to know and this is a lot harder than it looks – if you intend to make money at this. Advantage Players always look for value in every wager we make. Sometimes, value can be getting the hook for free or paying less juice on a wager, when line shopping. Or getting free drink tickets.

If you are coming to Las Vegas for March Madness – you gotta know the following:

Get to town EARLY. The play-in rounds of the NCAA Tournament – more commonly known as March Madness – will be played March 19 and 20, with the First and Second Rounds being played March 21 through 24. The other tournaments – NIT, CIT and CBI all start around this time, too.

  • NIT – First Round March 20-22
  • NIT Final Four – April 2 – Championship Game April 4
  • CBI – First Round March 19 and 20
  • CBI – Championship Game – Best of Three Series played April 1, 3 and 5 (if necessary)
  • CIT – Dates not published at the time of this post. Typically starts immediately after the conclusion of the conference tournaments

Las Vegas Will Be Packed

If you need to make reservations for anything, make them early. As soon as you know your plans. Also, make your bets as early as you can and be prepared when making them. Lines will be long at most sportsbooks and you sure don’t want to get closed out of a game you want to bet!

Sportsbook Affiliations and Drink Ticket Policy

Many sportsbooks in Las Vegas are affiliated with others in and around the City. It is helpful to know this, if you will be moving around town during your stay. The affiliations I am posting here will be accurate when you get here. The Drink Ticket policy is ever-changing. ALWAYS ask a ticket writer for drink tickets at the conclusion of making your bet. Do Not walkaway, then walk back to the ticket writer. This is annoying and slows down the process for everyone else – BE PREPARED

I wrote the linked post, below, a while back. It is still mostly accurate, but there may be slight changes. If you don’t know, ask. Anyway, all sportsbooks under the same ownership will have the same Point Spreads, Moneyline Odds and Totals. Here is a list of the sportsbooks in Las Vegas.  Their individual drink ticket policies will vary. Always ask before leaving the window.

Downtown Sportsbooks

  • Golden Nugget is not affiliated with any other sportsbook in Las Vegas. If you bet at Golden Nugget, you must cash your ticket at Golden Nugget. Last time I was there, they did NOT offer drink tickets. The sportsbook is tiny and will have long lines throughout the tournament.
  • Boyd Gaming is operated out of The Orleans. Boyd has two sportsbooks downtown, California and Fremont. Any ticket bet at one Boyd property is valid at any other Boyd property. Hence, if you bet at Fremont you could cash the ticket at Sam’s Town, if you find yourself down the Boulder Highway.
  • El Cortez The Stinktez (you will understand why when you venture into this dump) is affiliated with Station Casinos and Red Rock Casinos. El Cortez does offer drink tickets that are valid at all the bars in the casino.
  • William Hill Sportsbooks The following properties currently offer sportsbooks run by William Hill. Tickets bought at one William Hill will be honored at ANY OTHER William Hill throughout the state. Drink ticket policies vary. These were the policies at the time of writing this article:
  • Binions – Free Drinks? Unknown
  • Downtown Grand – Free Drinks? Unknown
  • Four Queens – Free drinks? Unknown
  • Plaza – No free drinks
  • The D – Yes to free drinks

If you must leave town before you know if you won your bet

All sportsbooks allow you some period of time to mail your winning ticket back to the sportsbook for payment. Individual policies vary, however, the policy in effect at the sportsbook you placed your wager is clearly identified on the back of your ticket. Understand this – ALL sportsbooks require you to return your tickets via Registered Mail. Registered Mail comes with an insurance declaration and there is an additional fee for this type of mail service. Hence, If you leave town with a $50 winner and must mail it back for payment, the Registered Mail letter may cost you upwards of $30, plus the hassle of going to the post office.

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