Major League Baseball Ballparks and Stadiums

I was reading this recent Deadspin article on the future of Major League Baseball stadiums, and the various attendant hassles involved in attending a baseball game, and it got me to thinking – It sure would be helpful to have a list of MLB stadiums for readers of this site and blog to access easily in the event you want to take in a game, but might not be familiar with the location of the stadium, or how to smooth out the various bumps in the process of renting your seat and getting to your seat. My advice is, whenever and wherever possible, ride a bike to the stadium but that may not a reasonable option for many people, especially families with small children.

My most recent experiences with baseball stadiums have been the two Colorado Rockies fields, the first at the old Mile High Stadium the Rockies shared with the Denver Broncos and, after it was built, Coors Field. I was in college at the time and rode my bike everywhere. Both parks were very bicycle friendly and Coors Field still is.

Here is an interactive list of MLB stadiums organized by League and Division. The landing page is the stadium page, where you can read up on where you are going. In the upper right hand portion of this page you will see the Facts and Figures box. For a better description of what to expect on your way to and at the stadium, click on the Fan Experiences tab, in the lower right section of this same box. And in my opinion, it is perfectly fine for adults to bring their baseball mitts to the stadium! Just don’t steal balls from little kids. Have fun!

American League East MLB Stadiums

American League Central MLB Stadiums

American League West MLB Stadiums

National League East MLB Stadiums

National League Central MLB Stadiums

National League West MLB Stadiums

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