MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

The internet is a wonderful place and a terrible place, all at the same time. We have all this information at our fingertips – all we have to do is search for it – and decide what results are relevant to the answers we seek. Yet, much of what is out there is “sponsored content” that presents a specific point of view – often incorrect – or we find information that is patently false and misleading. We here at the Educational Sports Betting Network have done a lot of the heavy lifting for those of you who are new to sports wagering and the Advantage Player space, in general.

An excellent resource on the interwebs to find specific, usually accurate information and knowledge, is the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. You could pay to attend the conference, which is inconveniently held in Boston, MA, in the cold and snowy winter, at the end of the college basketball regular season. Or you can “attend” by viewing archived video conferences. Learn more about the conference here.

Note how many panel topics deal with data “analytics” and “analysis.” Analytics are the wave of the future, as this year’s conference demonstrates. Here is a link to some of the panel discussions posted to YouTube. I’m certain if you search around, you can find what you are looking for.

My point is not necessarily with this year’s conference, although I am sure the panel discussions were fascinating. Rather, my point is to get you to think about how and where to find credible resources to further your knowledge and education.

As discussed in much greater detail in this Advanced Content article, I always had a suspicion that we were not being told the truth about how sportsbooks set betting lines.  I discovered the definitive answer to my question by reviewing topical content presented at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference a few years ago.

What I am saying is this: when you are searching around for credible answers to your queries, don’t be misled by the sponsored content and opinions offered up as expert analysis on most sports betting websites. Many of these are fronts for online sportsbooks, which have a vested interest in getting you to bet, but not telling you how it all really works.

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