Parlay Comparison: A Tale of Two Sportsbooks

“There’s a sucker born every minute”
– PT Barnum

According to the interwebs, ol’ PT never said that. It’s just attributed to him. Regardless, it is so very true. And is more true in the ways and means of betting, than in any other pursuit. We constantly preach the gospel of getting the “best of it.” Getting your money in when you have the advantage. Staying on the sidelines when you don’t. Today, I’m writing about a real-world example.


Look at the tickets posted with this article. No, look closer. See what I mean?

I made exactly the same bets at two different sportsbooks. You’ve all probably heard of the Westgate SuperBook, hell I’ve been writing about their NFL SuperContest on this site. Notice the vaunted SuperBook offers worse moneylines than the much smaller El Cortez. Notice also, and more importantly, the SuperBook caps the payout of this moneyline parlay at $2000. El Cortez payout is nearly 50% greater! We have provided Parlay Calculators on this site – in the Sports Betting section – so let’s see what the proper odds would pay…

$3270.42 would be the proper payout with the odds listed on the El Cortez ticket. Much better than the crappy payout capped by the Superbook, but still nearly 10% less than the correct odds would pay.

The point is this: We must always seek the best numbers and the best payouts with our wagering funds. It certainly can be a grind running around to different sportsbooks seeking the best numbers, but it is a monetarily worthwhile effort, as this example proves.

Many of you are not in Nevada and are geographically limited in your sportsbook options. Hence, it is even more critical for you folks to seek the absolute best numbers and only bet those numbers. I know you want to have action on a game, but you’re just straight up gambling if you get down on a bet that does not offer the best value.


Research! I use a few different sets of Power Ratings – check out the Sports Betting Resources section where you found the parlay calculator. One set of Power Ratings I use (S&P+) suggests the teams I bet in the moneyline parlays I’ve shown above should win their contests outright! True, this parlay is more of a lottery ticket than a sharp bet, but it is an excellent example of getting the best of it.

The ESBN website has been optimized to work on your handheld device. If you intend to make a bet, such as a parlay where a little math is involved, by all means use the parlay calculator and compare the correct odds payout with the odds your sportsbook is offering before placing the bet!

Good luck to you – now go get the best numbers!

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