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We are not trying to be like all the other guys and entertain you. There’s enough of that already. A bunch of talking heads discussing and arguing about meaningless things is ubiquitous, on the radio, television and the Internet. You might as well keep up with the Kardashians. After all, that show is full of useless drivel, too.

While you might be entertained by some of our content, we are not necessarily going out of our way to entertain you. Rather, we are here to Educate you on sports wagering, hopefully assisting you in making a little cash while you are watching and betting on sports.


The recent Supreme Court ruling that reversed the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 (PASPA), allows the individual states the right to pass laws that can allow adults in America to bet their hard-earned money on sporting contests. Why did the Supreme Court do this? Money of course – money is ALWAYS the right answer! It is certainly about YOUR money, but not quite what you think.

You see, making money wagering ON sporting contests is not easy. Yet, most people think it is easy.

Making money FROM people who wager on sports is so much easier.

Go back and read that again… it’s cool, I’ll wait. Those of you who are new to betting on sports or live in states that recently enacted laws to allow wagering on sports have the most to gain…or lose!

We will take you through everything you need to know about how to place your first bets and how to make more sophisticated plays. We will cover all the lingo and nomenclature and give you real world betting scenarios and advice. And, along the way, our Network of sports bettors and other experts will provide interesting betting angles and situational spots to further assist you in making money through your interest in sports.

Why? Because we love what we do. It’s like being modern day alchemists, but instead of turning lead into gold, we turn information into money!

Eric McCafferty


I’m Eric McCafferty, and I’m an Advantage Player.

Yeah, that’s a real thing. I was about 10 years old and leafing through a Psychology Today magazine in a doctor’s office, when I came upon a small chart called Blackjack Basic Strategy. For those of you unfamiliar, the chart is a graphical representation of the mathematically correct way to play every blackjack hand you could be dealt. Well, that sure was interesting!

Flashing forward to my college days, I was a poor kid but a good student. I also had a gig working in the college library. This was in the infancy of the Internet, you know, way back in the early ‘90s. I remembered that blackjack chart from years earlier and looked up Basic Strategy on the Internet. Holy smokes, do you know that there are card counting systems that follow along with Basic Strategy? That epiphany changed my life! And, I could find card counting books on the library computers and even order them from other libraries! An Advantage Player was born!

Sadly, because there are so many suckers out there playing blackjack, many of the good games have gone away. Not because those games were getting beat, but because the casino owners know that suckers will play any lousy blackjack game they are offered. What does this have to do with handicapping and wagering on sports?

Advantage Play, my friends. If you have a basic knowledge of how a game is played and like to figure things out, a bettor can find an advantage over some of the lines offered by the sportsbooks. We only bet when we have the Advantage! I wagered online for quite a few years, even winning the Bookmaker Streak Contest, in 2016, with a payout of $25,000! Alas, they cheated me by making up a new rule and paid me $2,500. That does not happen in Las Vegas, NV. So, now I spend a lot of time in Nevada!

I handicap sporting events every day. And I still play blackjack. There are lots of resources out there to educate yourself, but it’s not one-stop shopping. And no one will ever just give you the Keys to the Kingdom. So, some friends and colleagues of mine developed this website to help you out and make this website the one-stop you will ever need to learn how this works.

There is a lot of free content to get you started. As you progress, we have Advanced Content on the premium portion of the website. You will find these very valuable. If you don’t have the time or skill set to handicap on your own, we will also have picks available for a small fee.

I like to call this Modern Day Alchemy – making money out of information and intellect.

Welcome, have a look around and let me know how I can help – Cheers!

Spike Thomas

Spike Thomas

Spike Thomas, a 1987 graduate of Indiana University, has dedicated his life to high level performance and results in athletics, coaching, business and business management, and gaining the all-important advantage over the casinos. A high school athlete and a 25 year football, basketball, volleyball, and tennis coach, Spike’s competitive nature and will to win and succeed helped lead his charges to a high school football state championship, a high school basketball district championship and two final fours, and an AAU state champion and two time national AAU tournament qualifier. Spike has international coaching experience as well – he took a high school all-star basketball team to mainland China to compete in sanctioned tournaments against college and club teams.

Spike’s drive for success continued in his business career. As a sales representative and regional manager. he was commended and awarded for achieving quarterly and yearly revenue goals 17 different times by various organizations by implementing a model of discipline, hard work, and perseverance that led to success and profitability for the organizations he represented.

Over the course of his life Spike has always been infatuated with the gaming industry. This infatuation began early for Spike as he would accompany his father from the age of 11 to horse tracks in the Midwest where he learned about handicapping and how to read the Racing Form. Always wanting the edge, Spike became a student of advantage play and money management at the track and casino, and this passion became a philosophy on how to stop casinos from imposing their will and their advantage on their patrons which causes them to lose big. Beating the casino through advantage play – and showing others how to do it – is a driving force in Spike’s life.

What can you expect from me?

“I have studied and worked tirelessly to endorse and articulate a set of advantages and educational topics that will help you gain an edge at the casino or the track. Whether it is table games at a casino, playing the horses, or sports wagering, my experience with advantage play models, money management tips, and education on proper gaming methods will give YOU the advantage – and this drives me every day.”

“My secrets on advantage play (plus many other helpful and educational ideas for proper gaming) will help you get the edge you need. I look forward to serving YOU in this needed capacity. I have seen with my own eyes far too many players lose money needlessly when some minor changes would make them advantage players and make them profitable!! I am a proven winner in all walks of life – it is time for me to help you WIN!!”

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