Learn How To Bet On Sports

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Learn How To Wager on Sports

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The Educational Sports Betting Network – ESBN – hopes to teach you the important “stuff” of sports handicapping and enlighten you on how to actually make money at this endeavor. Most sites introduce topics and then direct you to an online sportsbook. We introduce topics and tell you what is important, intending to educate you along the way.

We have embarked on a brave new world, my friends. Not long ago, sports wagering existed in the dark and creepy corners of the internet. However, since the United States Supreme Court ruled the individual States have the right to enact legislation to allow sports wagering in their state, we have finally entered the mainstream!

This site is intended to educate you on how this works because we know you want to have a little action on the games that interest you. This has been an industry dominated by men. It is our mission to reach any adult who wants to learn how to handicap and wager on sports.

While women wager on sports, we have found that many are put off by the locker room atmosphere of many sportsbooks. Part of the reason is men’s attitudes can often be condescending toward women. Just as important, many women want to have a little action on sports contests, but don’t know quite how to get started. Well you’ve come to the right place! Get all the information you need to know to get you started on the winning track.


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The two most important concepts to being a winning sports better


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How To Make Smarter Bets

“Do what the line is telling you to do”

The essence of sports betting

The Betting Line

What does the betting line “mean?”

Someone who has been betting sports for a while, certainly not a novice, recently came up to me and asked “What does the betting line mean?” She knew what it meant, but she was seeking a simple way to say it. This is an excellent question and one that I don’t think has been answered effectively by most sports-betting websites. Simply stated…

The betting line is the oddsmaker’s estimation of the difference in quality between the two teams playing each other.

Let’s say the line is -7.0. What the oddsmaker is saying is that one team is favored to beat the other team, in the game they are playing against each other, by 7.0 points. From that estimation, we can then handicap the number and determine if the line is on or off. If the line is right on, there is no betting value, so we don’t make a bet. However, if after handicapping the line we determine the line is off, then we have found value on one side or the other, which will generate a bet from us.

This is the essence of betting on sports.

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