Week 4 Best Bets Recap

Phil Steele grid

That's Easy!

Ah, those Pythons. My all-time favorite! I showed that clip because Brave Sir Robin is really a coward – note the chicken on his smock. He thinks the questions are easy and is cast into the Gorge of Eternal Peril due to his lack of preparation…and cowardice.

As an aside, I went to college in downtown Denver CO, rode my bicycle to and from campus every single day. Overall, the weather in Denver is really quite mild, but there are days you don’t want to venture outside. My daily cycling roundtrip took me through what I called – the Intersection of Eternal Peril. When it snowed and the roads were slick, I laid my bike down on a very frequent basis. That ONE intersection was always tricky. But I prepared for it. Never missed a day of school. Never died.

Don’t ever think winning money betting sports is easy. But we are going to take another victory lap! Week Four Best Bets went 6-2-1, for yet another very profitable week and ass-kicking delivered to the books!

College football is a part-time job. Some days it’s a full-time gig. But it truly is a labor of love.

In this life, there are few things better than making money from the efficient use of information.

That’s how I look at it anyway.

One of my tools is the Phil Steele College Football Preview (note: Steele is not paying me for this plug). Every Sunday, I go through the results of the weekend and enter those results in the grid provided for each team – see the photo above. I note the spread, the final score and the result relative to the spread. If a dog won outright, I denote that with a W. If a favorite lost, I denote that with a L. If a team covered, I denote that with a C. Likewise, if a team did not cover, I denote that with a N. If they pushed ATS I jot down P.

This exercise is a fantastic way to recap what just happened. At the same time, I also look at the next game for each squad as well as jot down some notes for future reference. I also look at box scores because those things are very telling. I can’t watch all the games, no matter how much I would like to, but I need to stay up on what happened.

Doing this prepares me for the release of the new week’s betting lines. Circa has been the college football leader in getting college football lines up first. The lines are typically up early Sunday afternoon. I do not have access to Circa where I currently reside. This can put me at a bit of a disadvantage, as I cannot pick off the earliest great numbers. However, I do get to evaluate what a “sharp” book thinks relative to the “square” book I most often use. I can bet the value offered by my square book or can wait for the line to change in an effort to get a better number.

The point is, doing all this, I have a number in mind that I will bet. Sometimes I can nail it on the open. Other times I wait to see if money moves the number my way. Other times, when I have missed what I consider to be the best number, I hang out to hopefully bet it ingame. I cannot report those ingame numbers here on the site but know that I am actively betting throughout the day. I will put up a post on some optimal ingame betting strategies soon…probably.

Okay, fuck it, you get the idea.

Peace Out.

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