Week 6 Best Bets Recap

Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

Greetings from Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

Hurricane Julia blew ashore Sunday morning in southern Nicaragua while I was on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. A Category One, packing much more rain than wind. Even though this is the rainy season, rain is a big problem down here. Long story short…flooding, washed-out roads, landslides, mass-wasting. We were heading over to the Caribbean coast Sunday afternoon. Being prudent fellows and seasoned-travelers, we stopped and inquired about local road conditions. The road we needed to take east, through the mountains, was impassable. Lots of rivers over here. Very impressive flooding. Currently stranded in Jaco CR. There are worse places to be stranded.

But we aren’t here to grouse about hurricanes and bad fortune (plenty of bad fortune below!), we are here to talk about college football. Last week we made seven Best Bets. I didn’t see a single down of College Football Saturday, but let’s see what we did before heading down here…

309 Running Rebels – Rebels 7 Spartans 40. That is not a misprint. As I said above, I didn’t see a single down of College Football Saturday. Likewise, I didn’t see a single down of this game on College Football Friday. So, what can we learn from the Box Score? Rebels had a Total Offense output of 213 yards. Lost a fumble and had no interceptions on defense (bad!), and no interceptions on offense (good!). Spartans gained a total of 433 yards, with no lost turnovers. Looks like Spartans simply kicked Rebels ass.

384 Hated Sooners – Hated Sooners ZERO Horns 49. Our ESBN supercomputers have crunched the numbers and reveal Horns scored the equivalent of 7 touchdowns. Sooners didn’t score at all. Let’s take a quick peek at the Box Score, shall we? This is interesting…Sooners had five different guys slinging passes. Seventeen passing attempts, 9 completions…2 Interceptions. What else? Sooners gained all of 156 yards on the ground. Let’s not focus on the negative (so much negative), Sooners did intercept the ball once! For the Horns, QB Ewers came back after sitting out since being injured in the Roll Tide contest. How did Ewers do? Look at the damn score.

Moving on…

Oh yeah, we had a total. 317/318 Over 65.5. Final score, well, they scored all of 51 points between these two squads. Again, ESBN supercomputers have crunched the results and tell us this one went Under by the equivalent of two touchdowns and an extra point. I’m not even going to look at the Box Score.

Had enough yet? Nope…hell no more pain ahead.

365 Washington State +13.0 – Final score Cougars 14 Trojans 30. Sixteen-point difference, we had +13.0. Again, the supercomputers tell us that is not enough points to cover. I’m getting a little seasick, so will avoid the Box Score review.

What’s that? Mormons couldn’t cover against the Catholics? Isn’t Las Vegas more or less in the backyard and back pocket of Provo UT? Alright, I’m curious about this Box Score…Mormons gained 280 yards of total offense, scored three touchdowns and choked-up the ball once on their way to scoring 20 points in 60 minutes of football. Catholics gained 234 yards on the ground and 262 yards through the air. That’s quite nearly 500 yards of offense. We were getting 4.0 points. Final score BYU 20 ND 28. Yeah, “holy” fuck.

Did we get anything right?

397 Ball State Cardinals +7.5 – Final Score Cardinals 17 Chips 16. Hey, we won this one outright! Back in the saddle, baby!

403 Western Kentucky Hilltoppers +7.0. I think I recall telling you all whichever team scores last will win this thing. That’s not exactly how it went down, as our beloved Hilltoppers had to score last just to cover. But who cares? Covering is covering and I do not care how we get there. Final score Hilltoppers 28 Roadrunners 31. These two squads are the best teams in Conference USA. And I hold a Roadrunners Conference future bet +175.

Prior to this debacle of a weekend, we were up nine units. Week Six saw us losing five and winning two. That is a net negative of -3 units. 9-3 = +6 units through Week Six.

The (roll?) tide is in and I can’t even take a stroll on the beach. Oh well, still plenty to do down here.

Peace Out

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