Many of us were witness to Zion Williamson blowing through his Nike sneaker Wednesday night, about 30 seconds into the Duke / North Carolina rivalry conflagration. Read more

The recent news of Tim Donaghy’s alleged complicity in fixing NBA games he officiated got me thinking I should again mention our mission on this website. The Educational Sports Betting Network isn’t necessarily interested in breaking news to our readers. Rather, we are interested in interpreting the news and offer insight into how the news of the day can be utilized in our handicapping and wagering pursuits – to gain an advantage over the betting lines. Read more

Well, Tim Donaghy is back in the news. First time I ever heard this dude’s name, I was playing in a cash poker game at the venerable Golden Nugget, downtown Las Vegas, NV. It was mid-morning, full table of gamblers and I was just minding my own business, as I usually do. All of a sudden, some guy at the table announces, for all to hear, “Well that’s it! I will never be allowed to come to Vegas again!” Read more

We introduced the Wipeout Game in the Advanced Content section. We had a game last night that not only went against the team we discussed in the article, the Golden State Warriors, but the underdog won straight up. This is important for a few reasons. Read more

Winning NBA Plays

I discussed Handicapping the NBA in the Advanced Content section. This betting angle is more observation than true handicapping, but hey, whatever works is fine with me!

The play keeps rolling around and if we are observant, we can continue to cash it for the foreseeable future. All good things come to an end, and this may too, but let’s ride the wave of fading the public as long as we can. Read more

I covered handicapping the NBA in the linked post. It’s not handicapping in the purest sense of the term. Yet we are able to deduce a bet from our observation of how gamblers are lining up on a side. Last night was an excellent example of this. Read more