It is rare to get to see the inception of a new sporting league. This past weekend, we were treated to the inaugural games of the brand-spanking-new Alliance of American Football. Yeah, I know, I’m not fond of the name either, but no one asked me. Eight teams currently constitute the Alliance, hailing from such places as San Diego, Orlando and Atlanta. They are playing a 10-game regular season schedule. For a little more on the eight teams Read more

We have a saying here at the Educational Sports Betting Network and it goes like this – Bet With The Book. Super Bowl LIII is an excellent example of this betting philosophy. Read more

Sometimes what you hear in the sportsbook helps determine what you’re going to bet… Read more

This is a pretty big deal. In case you haven’t heard, the Westgate Superbook in Las Vegas, NV, runs an annual NFL picking contest. In 2017, the contest saw: Read more

Every year in the NFL there are a few rookie quarterbacks who are pressed into action at the start of the football season, and a few more who must play early on. In my opinion, rookie QBs are best served by breaking in slowly, but no one ever asks me. If you have been a fan of the NFL for any time at all, then you know that a rookie often doesn’t light the world on fire early in his career. Read more

Football bettors who wager on both college and NFL contests have a huge challenge. On a busy weekend there are more than 50 football games on Saturday and 16 on Sunday. That’s far more contests than even the most advanced sports bettor can properly handicap. Read more

The Top 3 Essential Strategies

by Spike Thomas

  1. Find a Reason to Bet The Dog

Is every one of my sports wagers on an underdog?  No.  But I am always looking for an advantage play.  How much difference is there really between NFL teams?  How much difference is there really between a middle of the pack Power 5 conference FBS team and to top team in the Mountain West or the MAC? Read more

The NFL exhibition season is an opportunity for oddsmakers and bettors, alike, to look closely at teams to determine what they might be capable of at the start of the regular season. What an NFL team does in the preseason isn’t necessarily a good indicator of what will happen in the regular season, but careful observation can uncover some important clues to get a picture of what is likely. Read more

There is no sport in North America that comes remotely close in popularity to the NFL. Not even close. This means there is far more uninformed money wagered on the NFL than on any other sport. The more public money that is wagered on an NFL side or total, the more concerned astute sports bettors must be about the impact that action can have on how point spreads and totals are set and how they move throughout the week prior to kickoff.

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