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Bootleg Talk

A Play That Works! The Bootleg. It’s not just for hustling illicit booze around the American countryside. Alright, team, it’s time we talk about this. Check this play out from Peyton Manning against the Cowboys in 2014. Okay coach, break it down for us. Here, Rob Ryan explains ‘Bootleg’ passing concepts. Saturdays too coach! Speaking …

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Rigged NFL

WHAT IF I TOLD YOU… What if I told you the 32 individual teams in the National Football League essentially operate as one? What if I told you United States Courts have determined that National Football League games are entertainment and not sporting contests? What if I told you, the National Football League is corrupt …

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6 Reasons to Manage College and NFL Weekend Bets

Football bettors who wager on both college and NFL contests have a huge challenge. On a busy weekend there are more than 50 football games on Saturday and 16 on Sunday. That’s far more contests than even the most advanced sports bettor can properly handicap. People are always tempted to do too much and handicap too many games. …

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